My name is Mohammad Azam and I have been developing iOS applications since 2010. I have worked as a lead mobile developer for VALIC, AIG, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Blinds.com and The Home Depot. I have also published tons of my own apps to the App Store and even got featured by Apple for my app, Vegetable Tree. I highly recommend that you check out my portfolio. At present I am working as a lead instructor at DigitalCrafts.

I am very involved in the iOS community and love to share my knowledge with other developers. For that reason I have been a guest host on many different podcasts. Some of them are listed below:

The App Store with AzamSharp on iPhreaks Show
Springboard Show
iBeacons in Real Life on iPhreaks Show
RoundAbout Creative Chaos Podcast

Apart from podcasts, I also regularly speak at different conferences. Some of the conferences are listed below:

Houston Tech Fest
Houston iPhone Meetup

I have written over 1000 articles which are published on HighOnCoding website. I am also a regular contributor to the CODE Magazine article. Apart from magazine publications I am also the founder of the AzamSharp YouTube Channel, which hosts hundreds of videos on development. AzamSharp channel currently has more than 5000 subscribers.

Developers are dime a dozen! You can definitely hire someone offshore for less than half the price and create your software. But in the end you get what you paid for. The problem does not lie with the quality of developers but in communication. Communications is essential for creating a successful software.

Instead of jumping into code I first take steps to understand the business of the client. I find out how the proposed software is going to impact their business. I try to understand the pain points in the current system. If it is in my client’s best interest not to have the app then I will let them know so they don’t spend thousands of dollars chasing unicorns.

You can contact me using the contact link on the top of the page.