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As we gear up for the upcoming Black Friday festivities, I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a fantastic time filled with joy and cherished moments with your loved ones. Personally, I’m looking forward to staying right here in Houston, enjoying quality time with my beautiful wife and our two lively “monkeys.”

Speaking of Black Friday, we all know the hustle of waking up early, waiting in long lines, and hoping to snag those incredible deals. But guess what? I’ve simplified things for you. Yes, really, really simplified!

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Here’s a sneak peek at the course list:

Mastering SwiftUI MapKit - The Complete Guide

SwiftData - Declarative Data Persistence for SwiftUI

Mastering Full Stack iOS Development Using SwiftUI and Vapor

Reactive Programming in iOS Using Combine Framework

Create ML for iOS Developers - A Beginner’s Guide

UIKit and SwiftUI Integration Essentials: 1 Hour Course

SwiftUI Navigation API: A 1-Hour Crash Course

Build ChatGPT App for iOS/macOS with SwiftUI in 1 Hour

Build Real-Time Chat App with SwiftUI & Firebase

Building a Reminders App Clone with SwiftUI & Core Data

iOS Development Using UIKit & Swift - Project Based Learning

MV Design Pattern in iOS - Build SwiftUI Apps Apple’s Way

Building Augmented Reality Apps in RealityKit & ARKit

Introduction to Server Driven UI in iOS, Swift & SwiftUI

Programming macOS Using SwiftUI - Project Based Learning

Test Driven Development in iOS Using Swift

SwiftUI Cookbook - Over 100 Recipes for Building iOS Apps

Async/Await and Actors - Concurrency in Swift

GraphQL with iOS and SwiftUI: The Complete Developers Guide

React for the Absolute Beginner - ReactJS App Fundamentals

Composable SwiftUI Architecture Using Redux

The Complete Hands-On SwiftUI Apps Using Firebase

Testing iOS Apps - Behavior Driven Development Using Swift

SwiftUI - Declarative Interfaces for any Apple Device

NodeJS - The Complete Web Developer Bootcamp 2023

Intermediate and Advanced iOS - Build Real World Apps

The Complete Guide to JSON Parsing Using Swift 5

Intermediate iOS - Complex and Advanced iPhone Apps

Blockchain Programming Using Javascript

Blockchain Programming in iOS Using Swift

MVVM Design Pattern Using Swift in iOS

Mastering ARKit for iOS

Mastering Firebase for iOS Using Swift Language

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